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Key is a full-time Instructor with Fitness First Malaysia. In addition to teaching Les Mills and other in-house group fitness programs, Key is also a personal trainer who specialises in corrective exercises, and strength and development training. Key’s Les Mills journey began in 2010, and today Key is trained in BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, LES MILLS GRIT® Series, LES MILLS CORE® and LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT®.

LMAP: What inspired you to become a Les Mills Instructor?

I started my fitness career first as a personal trainer. The information I learned from training myself and others made me realise the importance of having a good foundation in fitness, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser. This knowledge serves as a safety net for anyone to pursue a higher level of athleticism in their field of interest.

On the group fitness front, Les Mills has provided me with a platform to reach a wider audience who shares my same training ideology. The diverse program offerings enable me to share my knowledge with a different member audience, in turn, helping them to do better both inside and outside of class.

LMAP: Congratulations on joining the LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT™ Trainer team! What are your thoughts about the program?

There are specific differences between LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT and BODYPUMP®. BODYPUMP is endurance training based around high reps with light to moderate weights, while LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT focuses on progressive loading and off-beat training with tempo guidance.

I love the concept of LES MILLS STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT, which offers 12 weeks of structured progression. Participants can start with a weight selection that he or she is comfortable with, ensuring there’s no peer pressure and no competition. This enables members to easily track their improvement and gains over time and makes it suitable for exercisers of all fitness levels and experiences.

LMAP: What do you love about being a Les Mills Instructor?

Throughout my years of teaching Les Mills programs, I have always felt the challenge to improve myself both physically and mentally when I teach. I feel a deep connection to my own mindset growth, by not being too comfortable with my strength, and always focusing on what is needed in front of and around me.

Group Fitness is very different from my 1:1 focus with a client. The wider audience requires a toolbox of coaching skills and observations to successfully connect members with my words and actions.

Being a worldwide brand, Les Mills also creates a golden opportunity for me to share my passion with people who can take home a Malaysian experience back to their own country!

LMAP: What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a Les Mills Instructor, but does not quite feel ready?

Readiness is an ongoing process. Learning is a lifelong journey. Preparation is the key to getting started.

One of the most beautiful parts about getting involved with Les Mills is the great community. You are never alone. There is a support system in place to guide you through the process, whether it is Day 1 of your training, or Year 1 of becoming an Instructor!

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