Instructor Profile – Pryce Brown

by Les Mills Asia Pacific

If you’ve ever hung out in the LES MILLS+ Offical Squad page on Facebook, then chances are high that you’ve seen some incredible at-home workout photos and inspiring posts by Melbourne-based Assistant Sales Manager, Pryce Brown who, in May 2023, became a certified BODYCOMBAT® Instructor. We caught up with Pryce to hear about his journey to becoming an Instructor.

LMAP: What inspired you to become a Les Mills Instructor?

Pryce: Before finding Les Mills during COVID, I was a professional dancer and taught dance up and down the coast of Queensland for 10 years. When COVID hit, that industry came to a standstill and I lost the opportunity to inspire, motivate and change people’s lives through dance. When I found LES MILLS+ and noticed the impact it had on me – both physically and on my mental health – I felt inspired again. I wanted to be like the Instructors I saw on the screen – Rach, Dan, Tash, Erin and Marlon. If they could do that for me through a screen, I knew it would be a way for me to share my own passion and love for something again – group fitness replaced dance, in this instance.

LMAP: Congratulations on successfully obtaining your certification as a BODYCOMBAT Instructor, after discovering the program on LES MILL+! How has your journey as both a member and Instructor been so far?

Pryce: When I stumbled across the ‘Invincible’ BODYCOMBAT 77 Release during COVID lockdowns, I locked myself in the garage for a few weeks and did it on repeat! It reignited a spark within me. My mental health had hit a low point during those lockdowns in Victoria (Australia), and so BODYCOMBAT felt like a breath of fresh air, and an escape from the thoughts in my head.

When I explored the LES MILLS+ App, I discovered an abundance of workouts, and each one helped me to work away the demons in my head. I started to notice big changes from all the punching and kicking so I decided to video myself to help with technique. I would record my workout and then watch it back, listen to the instruction given on the Release, and then apply the corrections.

As I gained confidence, I started posting in the LES MILLS+ Facebook page. Then everything kind of took off; I was motivating people just through a post, and not only was this helping them, but it was also driving my desire to become an Instructor.

I thought about becoming an Instructor for probably a year and a half; but I always had a voice in my head saying, ‘what if I’m not good enough?’ Then one day a good friend of mine, whom I met through that same Facebook page, gave me the push. She said, “‘I’ve signed up for Initial Module Training and you’re doing it with me!” And just like that I took the first step. We practised together for hours during the 8-week journey between Days 2 and 3, giving each other feedback and doing each other’s classes in my living room. We went into Day 3 of training and said to each other – “just have fun” and ended up leaving that day fully certified! The next day, we hopped on a plane together to go take a class with Rachel Newsham in Sydney – it was surreal!

LMAP: Have you noticed an improvement in your BODYCOMBAT technique since becoming an Instructor?

Pryce: I’ve noticed a big shift in my technique, fitness and overall approach to each Release now. The amazing thing about coaching each class is you’re their guide, their role model and in a sense, their instruction manual. So, every time you give a Layer (coaching term), you have to ensure you are also doing it yourself. It means I’m constantly technique-checking myself, making sure I’m giving my members the best experience possible.

I also really make an effort to work out and do BODYCOMBAT at home, which is where I began! Pressing play, then recording on my phone – doing the entire Release focusing on the Masterclass technique tips, watching back at the end, and when I notice something off, I get up and put myself in front of a mirror and practise some more. I’ll often then take some little snippets and that’s what I share online.

I also try to attend as many fellow Instructors’ classes as possible, not just to support them, but because being a teacher is a constant journey of growing, learning and evolving. Someone who played a large role in my growth was my mentor, Grace; she really helped me get out of my own head and to relax on stage and have fun. As she says, “you were made for this!” I still team-teach with her, and it’s always a great energy in that class.

LMAP: What would you like to work towards in your career as a Les Mills Instructor?

Pryce: I recently reached out to the team at Les Mills, in regard to working towards joining the Trainer and Presenter (TAP) team. I’ve had some amazing guidance from Tash through socials around my teaching and coaching. One day, I would love to be able to join all those great Instructors on stage, for the tours, workshops and filming of the Releases.

LMAP: What do you love about being a Les Mills Instructor?

Pryce: I love seeing the smiles on the faces of my members at the end of class, knowing that they have just completed a massive workout and are proud of themselves. I love being able to create a space where the outside world stops and all that matters when they walk in that room is that they have fun, release any tension, work hard, sweat and leave feeling accomplished. Whether they do high intensity, low intensity or a mix, knowing that they have taken time out of their lives to show up and attend my class makes me want to deliver the best class I can.

One of the most rewarding things is also hearing the feedback at the end of class. You never know what someone is going through, so having them come to class can really help change their mentality – I know for me, Les Mills really helped improve my mental health.

LMAP: What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a Les Mills Instructor, but does not quite feel ready?

Pryce: I was that person – I was in that exact position. Take the leap, you will never know if you don’t try. Life is a journey. It’s all about progression not perfection. Sign up, work hard, believe in yourself and go for it! Yes, it might seem scary and hard, but you have to climb the mountain before you can enjoy the view, right? It’s the same thing, you won’t regret it. I know I haven’t!

LMAP: Where can people find you online?

Pryce: I post quite often in the LES MILLS+ Facebook group, otherwise you can follow me @pryce.brown on Instagram.


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