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Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a qualified Les Mills instructor. You are at the beginning of a truly exhilarating, life-changing and incredibly satisfying journey. It won’t always be easy, but you’ll have a dedicated Tribe alongside you, who have been there before and who are available to support you every step of the way.

Been teaching a while - months, years, decades? Sounds like a great time to enjoy a refresher! Challenge yourself. Step outside your comfort zone. Discover new ways to become even better at your craft.


The majority of Les Mills instructors started out as participants who absolutely loved doing classes at their local club. You can book into a Les Mills Initial Module Training (IMT) or Online Initial Module Training (OIMT) in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1: Choose the Les Mills Program you want to teach.



STEP 2: Choose between a FACE-TO-FACE Initial Module Training (IMT) or ONLINE Initial Module Training (OIMT). Both formats will require you to attend Day 3 training, which is delivered face-to-face.


Days 1 & 2 training Delivered face-to-face Delivered online
Day 3 training Delivered face-to-face Delivered face-to-face
Club endorsement Required Required
Technology requirements A mobile phone or tablet device with headphones
  • A reliable/stable internet connection
  • Speakers and a microphone
  • A PC or tablet device that supports video conferencing software
Pre-Work Requirements Learn your allocated track prior to Day 1 Submit videos for assessment before Day 1. Click here for details
Equipment requirements All equipment is provided For Equipment-based programs you must have access to the required equipment. Unless otherwise stated. To see the requirements for equipment based classes.


STEP 3: Getting you Endorsement

As an aspiring Trainee Instructor, in order to register for an Initial Training Module in any Les Mills program, you must first gain 'Endorsement' from a gym or fitness facility that is licensed in the program you wish to teach. Endorsement ensures you have the opportunity to practise and refine your skills. All Instructors must secure Endorsement before booking into an Initial Module Training. To learn more about Endorsement or for guidance with Endorsement, click link below.

STEP 4: Book into training

Once you’ve chosen your Les Mills program, decided on an IMT or OIMT format, and you have your club endorsement, you are ready to book in.

Check out the dates below, of when your program’s IMT and OIMTs are scheduled. And follow the links to book your place. Once your place is confirmed, you’ll receive a link to download your training resources and information regarding any pre-work that you need to complete before your IMT or OIMT begins. The cut-off date for booking into an IMT or OIMT is two weeks before the training is scheduled to begin.


IMPORTANT: If in the lead-up to your FACE-TO-FACE IMT, you are showing any symptoms of illness, such as a cough or fever, or if you may have been exposed to COVID-19 in any way, please seek medical advice and contact our Instructor Experience Team.



Initial Module Training can provide you with 15 CECs (for re-registration with AUSactive), or 60 points towards your FITREC Education Rating.
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