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LES MILLS® Virtual Case Study Part 1: We're monitoring the impact of the LES MILLS Virtual installation at Health & Fitness World in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia). Here is Part 1 in this ongoing series of articles.

Health & Fitness World in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia), is one of the pioneer Clubs that has offered Les Mills programs from the time the brand originally launched in Australia!

“We were one of the first to offer Les Mills workouts,” said Karen Rawlings, the Owner of Health & Fitness World. “We purchased the club 20 years ago, and although we looked at other group fitness providers, none compared to the quality of Les Mills. We've since grown a community of passionate Les Mills instructors and participants; both our business and our Instructors have invested heavily in Les Mills, so are huge advocates for the brand. We even have an Instructor who trained in BODYBALANCE® 1! We feel a huge affinity with the Les Mills brand because we've grown together since the very beginning.”

Recently, Health & Fitness World installed LES MILLS™ Virtual. The aim in doing so is to:

  • differentiate themselves from the competition
  • offer classes 24 hours a day to compete with the 24-hour convenience clubs
  • ensure covers when an Instructor is unavailable
  • offer more classes during off-peak times
  • bring BODYCOMBAT® back!

“BODYCOMBAT used to be one of our most popular programs, second only to BODYPUMP®, but being based in a regional area, we struggled to recruit the Instructors needed to support the program,” explained Karen. “Instructor recruitment and training has been an ongoing challenge, so LES MILLS Virtual allows us to bring back a program that has had huge demand. Similarly, although we offer LES MILLS GRIT™ live, sourcing Instructors remain challenging, so Virtual enables us to up our GRIT offering, which helps attract the younger demographic and enables us to compete – with F45 Clubs, for example.”

“Due to COVID, we've had to make cuts to staffing and childcare, so we'd like to show our members that despite the cuts, we're investing in what we feel will be a fantastic offering/extra service,” added Karen.

Les Mills Asia Pacific will be sharing updates about how LES MILLS Virtual performs at Health & Fitness World, so keep an eye out for future updates.

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