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Eighteen-year old Max Reedy is based in the regional town of Toowoomba in Queensland (Australia). We caught up with this Gen Z Instructor to share in his Les Mills journey to-date, and to find out what it’s like to often be the youngest person in the class, who is also on the stage!

When you hear about a Les Mills Instructor who is certified in four programs (and a fifth on the way!) and who has completed Advanced Training in two programs, you might not immediately expect those accomplishments to belong to an 18-year-old!

Based in regional Queensland (Australia), Max Reedy graduated from secondary school last year and is this year attending university to study business (did we mention he’s already completed a Business Diploma?).

Clearly a passionate student, Max says while he continues to build a career in the fitness industry, he originally did not want fitness to become his main income source, because he believed doing so would mean he might tend to participate less often for himself and his own personal pleasure.

“Since finishing secondary school, I had the time to teach more classes.” Max was teaching RPM®, LES MILLS SPRINT® and BODYPUMP® classes while he was at school but was really looking forward to getting into his other programs in more depth once he had no more exams or studies demanding his attention.

“I wanted to take the six to eight months between graduating and starting uni, to teach and really experience the other classes I’m certified in. I find learning choreography for RPM and SPRINT really easy, so I was excited to get into learning the choreo for the other programs, since I finally had the time to do so.”

Being so young, Max’s parents funded his first Initial Module Training (IMT). However, Max paid for most of the others that followed, using savings that he earned from working at a local bar. “Except for BODYCOMBAT,” he explains, “which my gym actually paid for as they didn’t have any BODYCOMBAT Instructors until I came along.”

“I used to play a lot of soccer, but I got injured. I tried to continue for the rest of the season, but it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I felt a bit of weakness and realised I needed more rehab time, which meant that soccer ended up slipping away. Cycle classes helped my recovery, and they ended up being the only sport I was doing for a while.”

max Reedy

When he first got qualified, Max had only just turned 16. He attended his first ever IMT (for RPM) with his mum, who also got certified but who doesn’t currently teach (although she says she might when she retires). “Doing the IMT with mum probably helped me be a bit more outgoing and confident, so I’m really grateful we did it together,” Max says.

Then, just four weeks after he’d started his RPM training, Max also commenced his LES MILLS SPRINT IMT. “Danah, the Instructor at the class my mum and I went to, suggested I get certified and so when the opportunity came along to get certified in both RPM and LES MILLS SPRINT, I figured ‘I better just do it!’”

At his training, Max made two friends, Brooke and Dayna, who are still – to this day – his best mates. They ended up inviting him to try BODYPUMP, which led to him becoming certified in November 2021.

Not long after, Max attended his first Quarterly Workshops. It was there when he tried BODYCOMBAT – and loved it! Max got certified in the program, so he could then introduce the program in his local club – Fitlab Tooowomba.

After his parents divorced, Max moved to Toowoomba, from Bundaberg (QLD) where his dad and other family members lived. He didn’t see them as much after that but his stepdad, Peter has played a big role in his fitness achievements – something Max is greatly appreciative of. “He’s the best taxi driver and cook you could ask for! He’s always there after my IMTs, waiting with Gatorade and bringing me sandwiches for my lunch! At LES MILLS LIVE Melbourne, I saw Khiran and Bhas at the hotel where we were staying. And when I told mum and Peter, Peter made sure we stopped so I got to talk to them.”

Fuelling his relentless passion for Les Mills, next up for Max is LES MILLS GRIT®, which he describes as having “SPRINT vibes with weights!”

“This will be my first Online IMT, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing that,” he says.

In June 2023, Max attended LES MILLS LIVE Singapore – it was an experience he found very inspiring. “Seeing so many people united by Les Mills, and hearing all their stories made me realise that I would love to teach on the larger scale, appear in video Masterclasses, and perform at that world-class level.”

“Before I got to know Les Mills and the people involved, I was worried about whether people would respect a young person of my age, teaching. But I actually found they were all really happy to see young people on the stage.”

“I think there’s a common misconception that Les Mills Instructors have to be super fit, look a certain way, have a particular physique, or be of a certain age, but when you get involved in the training you soon realise that’s not the case. No one cares about any of that - so long as the Instructor makes everyone feel valued, appreciated and seen, and they teach the essence of the program all the time, every time, then none of it matters.”

“I’m told I bring a unique youthfulness to my classes, especially BODYPUMP. For example, I might say something about my life and the members will often laugh, give me life advice, or straight up just enjoy what I say. I’ve been told that it takes them back to their younger days. I’ve also been told that because the members enjoy giving me lots of advice, it’s kind of turned what used to be a very quiet group fitness space, into a big interactive family. It’s difficult to explain but I sort of become an escape for those people who enjoy hearing about my life as a young person; because they get to interject their own experiences or have a good laugh/banter session with me. It’s quite special, actually.”

With so many programs under his belt, Max says he enjoys teaching them all for different reasons.

“What I love about SPRINT is that it’s such a high-energy class with awesome music. It’s simple but it challenges everyone in the class. Personally, I like being able to build lots and lots of energy through my coaching, and I think that makes for some pretty cool classes.”

In contrast, Max says “RPM is more of a vibing class. At first, I didn’t see a difference between SPRINT and RPM but now I love how RPM focuses more on riding with the music, and riding to songs that people recognise. I teach the only RPM class at our gym and the members absolutely love it because it’s fun, so I can bring more of my youthfulness into it.”

max Reedy

“The same goes for BODYPUMP. It’s weights-based, great for toning muscles, but also the music is great, so the members love it and so do I. It’s another program where I can really let my youthfulness shine.”

“Compared to the other programs, I’m relatively new to BODYCOMBAT. I love its energy and the moves in it feel so empowering. It’s like SPRINT in that I can build loads and loads of energy in these classes, which I really enjoy.”

“Before becoming certified, I didn’t know how big Les Mills was. I really liked teaching, but when I realised that Les Mills was global, I decided to put a lot more effort into it because I can see the potential for progression. My future aspirations definitely include striving to hit the levels of people like Ben Main, Bas Hollander, Khiran Houston and Glen Ostergaard, as examples; that’s where my goals lie right now, and I don’t think they are going to change any time soon!”

Overall, I like Les Mills programs because they allow me to create an avenue for people to escape their daily lives, work out just for themselves, and be part of a community – or a family, really – that we’ve all built together. And that’s what makes me happy.”

So, what does this multi-program certified Gen Z Instructor recommend to others who want to follow a similar journey? “If you think you’re not ready, you might be right. But chances are you’re never going to feel 100% ready. If you think you need more time, just know that strength comes with teaching it. So, I say ‘just do it now!’”

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