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Top tips for learning choreography

Top tips for learning choreography
Top tips for learning choreography

Learning choreography: love it or hate it, it’s a certainty as a Les Mills instructor. We picked the brains of your Trainer/Presenter team to steal their practical tried and tested tips for remembering…stuff.

Matt Thraxton (BODYPUMP and RPM Trainer/Presenter)

“Attend the Workshops” that is the best place to start if you want a springboard to learning the release quickly.There simply is no short-cut. It will take time, and you will get better at it, and any investment you make will give back to you tenfold in the quality of your teaching and the impact it has on the people in front of you.

Jamie Winbank (SH’BAM  and BORN TO MOVE Trainer/Presenter, BODYSTEP and BODYVIVE Presenter)
My first port-of-call is watching the masterclass. I watch it like a movie; I take it all in: what they say, the music, the performance, what they're wearing. The first time I never physically do it. It's simply about absorbing the release. I then listen to the music as many times as I can and start learning. For me it's about connecting to the music in as many ways as possible. I find this process allows me to get inside of the program even more, and it becomes easier for me to physically understand the journey of the track or the workout.

Rachael Ayre (BODYATTACK and CXWORX Trainer/Presenter)

Listen to the music lots, firstly with the purpose of becoming really familiar with it which makes learning the choreography much easier. Then listen to the music with the intent of bringing the release alive.

Leigh Sherry (CXWORX and BODYSTEP Trainer/Presenter)

Check you know the release by hitting “shuffle” on your playlist and see if you can remember all the choreography. If you have multiple programs, make a playlist that includes all the programs and hit shuffle.

Sammy Winter (RPM Trainer/Presenter)

Practice cueing the basics well – just the layer 1 coaching. Being brilliant at the basics will also leave you feeling confident and help participants get into the workout fast.